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Guess who drew the short straw for 4th July? That's right, the EM resident. If I have to treat one more idiot with some sort of fireworks burn, I may snap.

I am so very, very tired.
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The Great British Bakeoff is a far superior show to MasterChef.

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Watching an angry man yell at stupid restaurant owners who don't really want to listen. It talks to me. It says: Your patient is not going to do what you tell them to and will be back in a few days.
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To want a bingo card of things that come through the emergency room?

Remember, folks. Friends don't let friends glue things to random body parts.


Apr. 23rd, 2017 12:29 am
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Things keep happening while I'm unconscious or trapped in the hell that is residency. If anyone needs me I'll be nagging everyone who was injured about getting enough protein.

Day off

Feb. 19th, 2017 06:36 pm
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Someone needs to come and keep me company while I do everything that I didn't have time to do during the week. Residency is insane.


Dec. 27th, 2016 02:29 pm
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All things being equal and no alterative solution presenting itself, I will always choose washing up over drying dishes when it comes to that particular chore.
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Looking at the weather report, we may get snow on Saturday. Even though I have absolutely no desire to dig out my car if it does, I'm still looking forward to it.

I am currently sitting in the sun room, typing this on my phone instead of watching the outside and contemplating my navel. I'm sure there's a law against that somewhere. Along with listening to classical music, or playing piano while doing it.

Although, I think that's usually followed by some sort of explosion/fight scene and I'm not sure the carpet in here could take it.

I've been reading about telling a parent their child has passed.


It's one of the only things I seriously worried about when I thought about becoming a doctor. How do you tell someone the person they loved is gone?

I still don't know how, but I hope I remember some of this article.
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When I was very little and my Grandparents were still alive, we would always take a trip at Christmas to somewhere new.

It wasn't always far away but I remember my Grandfather would always tell stories about wherever it was that we went.

He was a history teacher but his favourite was early Eqyptian. He was the one that gave me my love of biographies.

There's always something to learn from both what someone writes for themselves and what others write about them.

So, what are your Christmas memories? Beyond the presents and the lights, what does this time of year mean to you?
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I may have just made these in a fit of Holiday cheer.

You're welcome.

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That got away from me.

So, whoever left me that mocha this morning. I adore you, thank you and please continue this spate of strange gifting.

Match day

Nov. 13th, 2016 12:51 pm
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So, I did mention this was in March next year for me, yes? Due to the issues with my arm, and my inability to complete a variety of functions while recovering from my injuries I decided it was best to postpone my fourth year of medical school.

Now that I am once again fully functional with my prosthetic limb, I have restarted my studies. Given my experiences and my training, I have decided to go into Emergency Medicine for my specialization.

I'm hopeful to be matched to a Manhattan hospital but given the competition I have also noted several other choices. I would prefer not to commute if at all possible but sometimes we do not get all we want. (Clarice, I may need to have a conversation with you next year if things do not play out as I wish. )
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I...don't know what I just watched.
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I should probably know better to read articles about the Salem Witch Trials when I have to be up early in the morning. I fell into a hole researching.
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I find myself with some time in the evenings again now that I have caught up on much of the reading I need to do. I was wondering if any of my fellow residents would find archery appealing? (Clint, you know I'm looking at you. You have to leave the lab sooner or later.)
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Anyone seen Crookshanks? I'm pretty sure I left him lying in a sunbeam in the main TV room but he's hiding again.
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